Why are Albrecht Drill Chucks so accurate?
In-process gages are used to check all components at each stage of the manufacturing process. Air gages and custom test fixtures are widely employed in our factory. Upon assembly, each chuck is qualified with 4- 6 different diameter test pins at two distinct locations on each pin.

Why is accuracy so important?
1. Precision hole sizing: Chucks which have excessive run-out cause drills to wobble, resulting in oversized holes. Suppose you are producing a part which calls out for a drilled and reamed hole. If the drill runs out, an oversized hole will be created and the reaming tolerance could be used up. An error like this often costs more than the price of Albrecht Drill Chuck.

2. Longer drill life:
Because Albrecht Chucks are extremely accurate, drills are subjected to uniform wear, resulting in longer drill life.

Can Albrecht chucks be repaired?
Yes. Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co. KG offers a full rebuilding service at our factory. Replacement parts and instructions are also available for customers who wish to rebuild their own chucks.

How can I tell which taper my chuck has?
With J-Konus the taper size is on the body of the chuck, near the opening where the arbour is inserted. If this information is missing from your chuck please use the following spreadsheet:

How does the self-tightening of Albrecht drill chucks work?
All Albrecht Drill Chucks, except for the Key-Lock model, incorporate a unique self- tightening feature which causes them to grip drills tighter as more torque is applied, clockwise only. Even when high torque is applied, the chucks can still be easily opened by hand. Key-type chucks do not get tighter with increasing torque.

How to order?
Albrecht Chucks and Accessories are sold through a large network of machine tool distributors and our agencies throughout the world. If you don’t know who sells Albrecht in your area, please contact us and we’ll provide you with the names and telephone numbers of several local dealers.